the absence of good

susy dodson
6 min readJan 6, 2021

i haven’t written in a while. 😏 hmmmmmmm… i learned how to get emojis to work on my mac 😊 CTL CMD space bar! what an accomplishment, yes? Hehehehe. it’s been an ‘interesting,’ to the say the least, journey these past few years, months, days.

it’s late. again! really? i’ve stayed away from writing because i’m wondering what does it all mean? what i say? right now, i do not want to use proper capitalization. Big sigh.

Do you know what’s one of the hardest things about love? It’s the hurting part. It’s the part where you see two groups of people fighting each other — one group with an agenda to create havoc, cause violence, fear. Arrogant in beliefs with the appearance of choosing hate? or intimidation? or … what do you call it? I don’t know.

The other group there to prevent chaos. To maintain some sort of order in the middle of it all.

Do you know what hurts about all of this ‘stuff’ in Washington D.C.? It’s the obvious disconnect with how two separate groups of protestors are treated. Keep in mind those protestors in 2020 protesting on behalf of the grave injustice to Mr. George Floyd and other African Americans were targeted by unnamed, unbadged (is this a word?) people. These people appeared to have full military equipment, to include a helicopter, at their disposal. These people appeared to have the permission of the highest office in the land to tear gas and throw flash bang grenades into the thousands of protestors, in addition to cornering them, beating them, intimidating them, chasing some into the home of a D.C. resident where they found some form of safe refuge.

Mind you this group of people from those 2020 protests, the majority of them, didn’t have weapons, didn’t have ill intent, didn’t masquerade themselves in an attempt to ‘blend in.’ Didn’t threaten the law enforcement community. Didn’t threaten the constitution. Didn’t … Didn’t …. Didn’t … Didn’t … on and on and on and on and on.

They brought their children, music, art, voices, tears, some yelling, singing, hurt, despair, hopelessness, desires, dreams, fears, and all of the anguish felt on behalf of people they know or have never met — they brought with them to D.C., they brought hope —



susy dodson

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