susy dodson
5 min readFeb 15, 2021

How do you soothe a hurting soul? A broken heart? A torn spirit?

Oh God in heaven, do you hear the cry of the people? How do you do it? Hear the cries? The hearts wounded almost beyond repair?

I’m laying, (or is it lying) here typing away on my phone. Wondering at the senselessness of it all. So, was the preacher in Ecclesiastes right? “All is vanity?”

Is there a senselessness to it all? Is senselessness even a word? Merriam-Webster says it is — lack of good sense or judgment (found under Synonyms & Antonyms of senselessness).


Should a person write when he or she is upset? I’m not sure how I’m feeling. Which is partly good yes? I’ve often heard over the years, in certain communities, not to be driven by your feelings. Because feelings can steer us in a direction we might not want to go. Hunh. 😏

It doesn’t take much to make me laugh or cry. Both can come from totally great experiences or totally horrid experiences.

Some commercials are soooo funny. While some news stories are bawling, overflowing tear filled events.

And others, I definitely get on my soap box about the inhumane decisions/actions of others or the ineptitude in understanding the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. Or the worst — the choice to deliberately hurt others through ignorance, arrogance, hatred, lack of self-love, unbridled self-will, or my favorite all time — fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally not in the wrong myself or without a history of the above. Oh gosh. Seriously, how am I able to recognize it in others if I haven’t, at some point, been that person, or those people or whatever.

I often look at others and their apparent ability to remain outside the fray of human heartache and the ability to cause hurt or pain to our fellow man, woman, or child. How I often envy the person who has remained on the outside of this place I’ve found myself in over a lifetime of living on this planet we call earth.

Oh God, do You see my heart? My hurt? My ugliness? My pain?

susy dodson

Part of the conversation, sharing the conversation, & hopefully learning more about our world in the process.